Saturday 10/16/21

10 people die at a senior center due to coronavirus

Employees say the situation at the Kontula nursing home (east Helsinki) has been chaotic. Multiple deaths have been reported at senior centers in the capital region.
Image: Pixabay

On Friday, 10 April people died at the Kontula Senior Centre, in eastern Helsinki. The Finnish National Broadcasting Company (Yle) reported that the reason for those deaths was coronavirus. However, city officials say the origin of the first infection remains unclear.

The first death happened on 9 April. Employees tell that the situation at the Kontula Senior Center has been chaotic and there was a delayed response to the spread of coronavirus.

Multiple Covid-19 deaths have been reported at individual nursing homes in Espoo, Kiuruvesi, Töölö Senior Centre and the Deaconess Foundation’s Sanervakoti in Helsinki.

Nurses cleaning

Helsinki’s city-run nursing homes’ employees said nurses have had to take care of laundry and cleaning. Therefore, there has been a shortage of personal protective equipment.

Helsinki police have begun a general preliminary study of the city’s nursing homes, following a request for an inquiry. However, the police are not focusing on any specific facility. Also, a formal preliminary investigation has not begun.