Thursday. 07.12.2023

Taliban militants have captured the key city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan's east.

The latest gain by the militants leaves the capital Kabul as the only remaining major city in Afghanistan held by the country's government.

Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar province, was captured without a fight, two provincial councillors and a resident confirmed on Sunday.

The Taliban entered Jalalabad at 6 am (local time), the resident said.

The capture of Jalalabad city with an estimated population of more than 280,000 and other areas in the province gives the insurgents control over the Torkham border crossing, the largest trade and transit route between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Taliban now controls at least 25 provincial capitals of Afghanistan's 34 provinces. All of these cities were captured within 10 days.

Advance towards Kabul

As the Taliban advances towards Kabul, countries including the United States, Germany and France have started making efforts to evacuate their remaining local staff from Afghanistan.

The Taliban militant group said on Sunday that a decision to take the capital Kabul militarily has not been taken yet by the group.

"A separate decision will be taken later about Kabul," the insurgent group's spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.

"People should be assured that we don't want a state of war in Kabul or, God forbid, anyone to be harmed."

Taliban captures key city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan's east