Thursday. 07.12.2023

A Swedish woman who has been involved in the activities of the terrorist organization Islamic State (Isis) escaped from Al-Hol camp (Syria), where around 70,000 people displaced from territories previously controlled by the Islamic State - among them many family members of Isis fighters - have been gathered.

According to STV, the woman managed to return to Sweden and now lives in the Gothenburg region. She is from the western part of the country and in her 30s and she traveled to Syria in 2013. She had a husband and a child, both of whom are dead.

The woman managed to get out of the camp with the help of human traffickers. She was taken to Turkey, where Turkish authorities then put her on a flight back to Sweden. The woman is not arrested or detained but is now being investigated for war crimes

Following the new terrorist legislation, there are greater possibilities for the police to investigate returnees.

20-30 women escaped

There are around 70,000 refugees in Al-Hol refugee camp in northeastern Syria. The smugglers demand from 100,000 to up to 1 million Swedish crowns (10,000 to 100,000 euros) to transport prisoners out of the camp. The higher the amount the prisoner pays, the more likely the release will be successful, SVT says.

SVT has previously stated that a group of 20-30 Isis women were escaped from Al-Hol. All were captured by the Syrian army and put in the infamous Adra prison outside Damascus.

The Kurds themselves say that in recent months, Isis women from the Netherlands, France, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden have been smuggled out of Al-Hol. There have also been riots in the prisons where the Isis men are being held, and some men managed to get out.

9,000 women in refugee camps

To date, the Kurds in northeastern Syria hold 11,000 Isis prisoners from all over the world. Of them, 2,000 are men and about 9,000 women being held in refugee camps. Some have been incarcerated for over three years.

Three women and ten children who were involved in Isis' activities also arrived in Finland from al-Hol in May.

Swedish woman escaped from Al-Hol camp and returned to Sweden