Thursday 10/28/21

Swedish police shoot, arrest man after multiple stabbings

The suspected assailant was believed to have acted alone.
Woman-killer-knife-weapon-kitchen by Pixabay.
Photo: Pixabay.

 Swedish police on Wednesday shot and arrested a young man after he apparently stabbed several people in central Vetlanda, a small municipality in southern Sweden. 

The motive was not clear, but police said they were investigating the incident as attempted murder and did not believe it was terror-related.

Police did not state what kind of weapon was used, stating that they did not want to influence witness accounts, news agency TT reported.

The suspected assailant was believed to have acted alone. He was taken to hospital, but police said they have no details of how serious his injuries are.

Eight victims

Due to the incident, train services to Vetlanda, which is located about 275 kilometres south-west of Stockholm, were temporarily interrupted.

Police later said they have been in touch with eight victims, but had no information about the nature of their injuries.