Sunday. 24.09.2023

A memorial site dedicated to the late Swedish DJ and house musician Avicii is planned in Stockholm, city politicians said on Thursday.

It will be a place where people can sit down for a while for some peace and quiet, and also "pay tribute to others who left us far too early due to mental illness," said Andrea Hedin, chairperson of the Ostermalm city district committee that was to approve the plan.

Hedin, who is of the conservative Moderate Party, added that it was important to tackle the stigma related to mental illness among young people.

Tim Bergling was found dead in Oman in April 2018, aged 28.

The site would be in the upmarket district of Ostermalm where Bergling was born, grew up and went to school.

His father, Klas Bergling, said he and his family were "happy and grateful for the decision to create a memorial site for Tim."


"This place will provide an opportunity to remember Tim and his music that means and has meant so much much to many people around the world," Klas Bergling added.

The artist was known for hits such as "Levels", "Sunshine" and "Wake Me Up." He stopped touring and performing live in 2016, but continued to record music and worked as a producer.

His parents have earlier set up a foundation dedicated to support science-based organizations that engage in research into the causes and prevention of suicide, particularly among young people.

Stockholm plans memorial site dedicated to Swedish DJ Avicii