Tuesday. 28.05.2024

Six men have died in Sweden in recent days in accidents falling through the ice on frozen lakes.

On Friday, one day after a similar accident that ended with four deaths, two elderly men fell through the ice of a frozen lake and drowned.

They were about 75 and 80 years old and were recovered dead from Lake Yngaren in the municipality of Katrineholm, about 120 kilometres south-west of Stockholm, Swedish police said early on Saturday.

The authorities had earlier received a distress call that two people were on the ice and had probably fallen in. The incident is assumed to be an accident and not a crime.

The two men had been fishing on Friday and had not returned from the trip.

Another accident on Thursday

On Thursday evening, four men aged 65 to 75 were found dead in a hole in the ice of a lake near Savsjo, about 200 kilometres east of Gothenburg. The circumstances of death are still unknown.

According to Swedish media, at least two of those killed were also anglers. The other two are said to have tried to pull them out.

Six men drown in Sweden after falling through ice on lake