Tuesday 10/26/21

Several dead after plane crashes in Sweden

Eight skydivers had been on board the plane, plus the pilot
22 June 2021, Australia, Melbourne: The State Emergency Service (SES) personnel work at the scene of a light plane crash near the Capital Golf Course, in Melbourne. A pilot has been injured after his light plane crashed into trees shortly after take-off from Moorabbin airport. Photo: James Ross/AAP/dpa
A light plane crashed in another accident (not the one described in this news) after take-off in Melbourne. Photo: James Ross/dpa/File photo.

A small aircraft has clashed at the Orebro airport in Sweden, killing several passengers, police said on Thursday evening.

The plane crashed during take-off and then caught fire, with nine passengers on board, a police spokesperson said in a radio interview.

It was unclear if all of the passengers died, and the cause for the accident was also not yet known.

Orebro is located almost 200 kilometres west of Stockholm.

Swedish media reported that the aircraft was a parachuting plane. Newspaper Expressen wrote that eight skydivers had been on board the plane, plus the pilot.

Only two years ago, a parachuting plane crashed near the city of Umea, killing nine people.