Monday. 04.03.2024

A hypersonic systems developer has been arrested on treason charges in Russia, according to media reports.

The suspect is said to be the general director of a research and production plant for hypersonic systems, the TASS news agency reported on Thursday, citing unnamed investigative sources.

He was taken into police custody in Moscow and will now be remanded in custody for two months, according to the report.

It remains unclear exactly what the suspect is being accused of having done.

According to news agency Interfax, also citing unnamed sources, the man is said to have passed on secret information regarding his scientific research to foreigners.

'Ajax' hypersonic aircraft

He was reportedly involved in the development of a hypersonic aircraft called Ajax, in which the US and China were said to also have shown interest.

Russia's military sees hypersonic propulsion systems as strategically important.

The fast-flying aircraft are more difficult to locate on radar.

Russian researcher detained on treason charges