Tuesday. 25.06.2024

Russia has fired a hypersonic missile from a submarine for the first time, the Russian Defence Ministry announced on Monday.

The test in the Barents Sea was successful, the ministry said in Moscow.

According to the statement, the 'Zirkon' type missile was launched from the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine, which was above water.

Underwater launches are planned at a later date, it said.

The test took place at night, as an army video showed.

From a ship

The missile was first fired from a ship of the frigate Admiral Gorshkov in the White Sea at a target in the Barents Sea more than a year ago.

The hypersonic weapons travel several times faster than the speed of sound, which is around 343 meters per second.

They are considered to be weapons of the future. Russian President Vladimir Putin first unveiled the ultra-modern missile in 2019.

Russia tests hypersonic missile from submarine for first time