Sunday. 19.05.2024

Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to issue a one-off payment for pensioners ahead of the elections that are due to be held in September.

Pensioners are to receive a payment of 10,000 roubles (135 dollars), in September, following a decree signed by Putin on Tuesday.

Russians are due to vote for the State Duma on September 17 to 19.

Poverty among the elderly is widespread in Russia and opposition lawmakers criticized the payment, coming so close to the election, as an attempt to buy support for the United Russia party.

Leonid Volkov, who is close to jailed dissident Alexei Navalny, described the payment as "propaganda and bribery of voters" on Telegram.

Later, at a United Russia party conference that evening, Putin also proposed a one-off payment of 15,000 roubles for soldiers and other members of the security forces.

He also presented the party's election programme.

Putin orders one-off payment for pensioners shortly before elections