Tuesday. 05.12.2023

Swedish police say they have detained four men after an explosion late on Saturday rocked an apartment building in the western city of Gothenburg.

The four men - aged 17 to 20 - were suspected of attempted murder and general destruction, police said on Sunday.

A young girl suffered minor injuries and was treated by ambulance personnel at the scene. Police said the blast shattered windows and damaged the entrance to the building.

A police patrol arrived early at the scene spotted a car leaving. They were able to note the licence plate and during a search of the nearby area chased two men on foot, arresting one of them.

The other man managed to get into the fleeing car which was pursued by police. After a short chase, the car went off the road and police subsequently arrested three young men.

A suspicious device

Police said they suspect the four were linked to the discovery of a suspicious device at another nearby apartment building. Explosives experts removed that device early on Sunday. 

Three police officers were injured when two police cars rushing to the scene crashed into each other. The officers' injuries are not life-threatening.

The motive for the blast was not immediately stated, but Gothenburg is one of several Swedish cities that in recent years have experienced a series of shootings and explosions blamed on gang turf wars.

Police detain four men after blast in western Swedish city