Thursday. 23.05.2024

Germany is divided between east and west when it comes to doing without energy from Russia, with people in the west more willing to tolerate hardship resulting from the war in Ukraine, according to a survey.

In western Germany, 64% are prepared to go without energy from Russia, whereas in the east of the country, the figure was just 42%, the Civey opinion research institute found.

"The war in Ukraine is once more showing up differing attitudes between west and east with respect to the energy transition and global warming," the authors of the study commissioned by the Eon Foundation said.

There was a similar divide on willingness to turn down the heating or drive less, according to the representative survey of 10,000 respondents.

Among those in the west, between 55% and 70% were willing to do so, against fewer than half of those surveyed in the east.

The poll also found a difference with respect to alternative energy sources. Respondents in the east backed resorting to coal as an alternative to Russian gas, while those in the west wanted to turn to renewables.

German opinion divided along east-west lines over Russian energy