Friday. 24.05.2024

Five suspected drug dealers have been arrested in Berlin for allegedly running a cocaine delivery service in the German capital, investigators said on Tuesday.

Around 200 officers raided 14 properties in the early morning hours, a statement from police said.

This followed on from a five-month investigation into 13 suspects of varying nationalities, aged between 23 and 45.

They are associated with Berlin's organized crime scene and are said to have operated a lucrative drug dealing network.

Investigators had permits to seize assets worth 478,000 euros (574,336 dollars) in total. During the raids, they recovered 47,000 euros in cash, three vehicles thought to have been used for drug deliveries, a firearm and a machete.

Almost 3 kilograms of cocaine and 8 kilograms of marijuana were found, together with a money-counting machine.

Ordered online

According to the Berlin public prosecutor, the gang are thought to have conducted more than 2,200 sales of cocaine with their "cocaine taxi."

Police said their probe had successfully uncovered "organized structures on a large scale."

In recent years, it has become common for marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs to be ordered online and delivered by dealers in major German cities.

In Berlin, several people have already been hauled before the capital's courts for their role in drug "taxi" schemes as police crack down on the trend.

Five arrested for allegedly running 'cocaine taxi' service