Tuesday. 18.06.2024

Finland's President Sauli Niinistö does not believe that Russia's actions will have specific consequences for his country, but the EU's relations with Russia are deteriorating.

If Russia expands its military actions, it will probably be "even colder than during the Cold War" for a long time, he said at a press conference in Helsinki on Tuesday.

On Monday evening, Niinistö's office had already announced that Finland condemned Russia's actions regarding Ukraine, which violated Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"Finland condemns Russia’s unilateral acts that violate Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The recognition of the separatist regions in Eastern Ukraine is a serious breach of the Minsk agreements. Finland responds to Russia’s acts as part of the European Union," a statement from the Finnish Presidential Office read.

Finland is the EU state with the longest national border with Russia. It is considered an important mediator in the tense relationship between the EU and the Kremlin, and Niinistö is sometimes described as a Putin hand.

Finnish President Niinistö says it's getting colder than the Cold War