Saturday. 13.04.2024

Finland is following "with grave concern" the escalation of the crisis in Israel and the Palestinian Territory, according to the government.

Israel has intensified these days its systematic bombings on the Gaza Strip, where more than 100 people have died, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Meanwhile, rockets launched by Hamas against Israeli cities have caused 7 deaths, the army said.

"All violence against civilians is to be strictly condemned," the Ministry for Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

In Finland's view, the escalation of the situation again underscores the urgent need of a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Finland’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains unchanged. The Nordic country supports "a two-state solution achieved through negotiations carried out by the parties in an equal manner."

"The use of force and violence must be replaced by negotiations," urges the Finnish government.

Helsinki government says the State of Israel "has the right to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks."

"At the same time, International Humanitarian Law must be respected and civilians must be protected."

"Untenable situation"

The government's statement emphasizes that "the untenable situation in Gaza calls for an urgent solution."

"A sustainable solution is also crucial to the difficult situation in East Jerusalem and the whole West Bank. Israel’s settlement activity is illegal under international law and undermines prospects for a two-state solution."

Finland requires leaders in the area "to show responsibility" because the current acts of violence could create instability in the entire Middle East.

The Finnish authorities welcome the mediation efforts of regional actors in this difficult situation.

Finland: "Israel settlement activity is illegal, undermines prospects for a solution"