Saturday. 20.04.2024

Finnish state-own railway company VR said on Wednesday that freight traffic to and from Russia will be gradually discontinued.

The board of directors said the process of halting the transport of goods by rail between the neighbours will take several months to come to a complete halt, due chiefly to ensuring supply chain security.

Finnish European Affairs Minister Tytti Tuppurainen, who had previously called for the move, welcomed the decision.

VR decided at the end of March to suspend both passenger and freight traffic on the rails between Finland and Russia.

Not affected by sanctions

But goods trains were allowed to run again within a few days, after it was clarified that Western sanctions against the Russian state railways did not extend to VR's business with Russia.

Morever, at the moment, EU sanctions do not prevent rail traffic between the EU and Russia.

Finland is by far the EU country with the longest border with Russia.

Finland to gradually end rail freight service to and from Russia