Tuesday. 28.05.2024

Europol has launched a search for 18 of the most dangerous sex offenders in Europe, the EU policing agency announced on Tuesday.

The wanted criminals targeted by the campaign are either suspected or convicted of sexual offences.

Europol described sexual crimes as among the worst crimes.

"It's happening now, every two minutes. That's the average time a sexual offence is reported to the police in the European Union, be it rape, sexual violence or assault," a statement said.

According to the profiles published by Europol, the people wanted are citizens of Pakistan, France, Albania, Romania, Italy, Russia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Tunisia, Denmark, Sudan, Central African Republic, Belgium, Ecuador, Croatia, Poland and Bulgaria .

Europol is appealing for public help finding the fugitives, asking for anonymous information to be submitted anonymously online.

Profiles available for four weeks

Profiles of the most dangerous sex offenders will be available for four weeks, as law enforcement authorities circulate their images online and on social networking sites.

National investigators will be informed directly if any useful information is provided.

Europol's first "Most Wanted" campaign was launched in 2016, aimed at searching for a limited number of fugitives online and throughout Europe. Since then 91 criminals have been arrested, according to Europol. In 33 cases, the decisive tip came from the public.

Europol launches campaign against 'most wanted' sex offenders