Sunday. 14.04.2024

An extreme heatwave has brought record temperatures to western Canada and contributed to dozens of deaths.

On Tuesday, thermometers rose to 49.5 degrees Celsius in Lytton, British Columbia, "breaking the daily and all-time temperature records for the 3rd straight day," local weather authorities tweeted.

The figures were however preliminary and still subject to updates.

Canadian media reported that dozens of deaths had been reported during the heatwave.

More than 100 sudden deaths have been reported to the police in British Columbia since Friday, with the extreme heat seen as a contributing cause of death in most cases, broadcaster CBC reported.

In the city of Burnaby, east of Vancouver, more than 25 people died within 24 hours, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said on Tuesday.

People at risk

The police called on citizens to check on neighbours and especially people at risk, such as the elderly.

"It is imperative we check on one another during this extreme heat," spokesperson Mika Kalanj said.

Several air-conditioned locations were set up in Vancouver for people to find refuge from the heat.

The extreme temperatures are expected to continue in the coming days.

More than 100 sudden deaths reported in Canada's extreme heatwave