Saturday. 01.04.2023

Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland from Denmark

"It must be and April Fool's Day joke... but totally out of season", commented in Twitter former Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Løkke Rasmussen. Trump will be visiting Denmark next month.

Donald Trump never ceases to surprise the world and its own citizens with his ideas. On Thursday, he again shook the international arena when the news leaked that the US president has "expressed interest" in buying Greenland from Denmark.

The news was published exclusively by the American Wall Street Journal. The newspaper reported that Trump, who will travel to Denmark next month, has "expressed interest" in the possibility of buying the largest island in the world and has even asked his assistants to explore that possibility. The same source said the idea has already been transmitted to the Danish.

Received with Humour

The news was received with a mix of surprise and humor in Cophenhagen. Among the people who expressed their disbelief is the former prime minister,  Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who ceased in Office last June and said on Twitter he hoped it was a joke. 

Martin Lidegaard, spokesman for the Social Liberal Party, also expressed confidence that it is a joke. "Trump buying Greenland ?! Hopefully a joke, but otherwise terrible thought with the risk of militarization of Greenland and less independence for the Greenlandic people - besides great loss to Denmark", he wrote in Danish in his Twitter account.

This is not the first time that a president of the United States expresses his interest in adding Greenland to his country's territory. In 1946, after the Second World War, President Harry Truman already offered 100 million dollars for the island to the Danish Government, who rejected the offer.

Greenland is a self-ruling part of the Kingdom of Denmark with a population of around 56,000. Its autonomous government decides on most domestic matters, but foreign and security policy is handled by Copenhagen. The US Armed Forces already have an important air base in the northwest of the island, with around 600 employees. It is an important base for the country's radar system.

Donald Trump wants to buy Greenland from Denmark