Wednesday. 17.04.2024

Some 300 Danish prisoners are to serve their prison sentences in Kosovo to ease overcrowding, in line with an agreement currently being negotiated by the two governments, Justice Minister Nick Hækkerup said on Wednesday evening.

He also said that capacity in Danish prisons is to be expanded, as 1,000 further places would be needed by 2025, the minister said.

Detainees awaiting deportation from third countries are to be held in Kosovo, under the same rules as apply in Danish prisons.

Hækkerup said he was convinced that the agreement would stand up to scrutiny by the European Court of Human Rights, the Danish news agency Ritzau reported.

The agreement is due to apply from 2022 to 2025.

Norway concluded a similar agreement with the Netherlands in 2015, which ended in 2018.

Denmark seeks deal to house prisoners awaiting deportation in Kosovo jails