Thursday. 25.04.2024

Denmark is lifting the last of its restrictions introduced to contain the spread of Covid-19 as of Friday, in a move made possible by the country's high vaccination rate.

People will no longer have to show a pass saying they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative for the virus, even for large-scale events such as football matches or at nighclubs, which have just reopened.

Denmark will also no longer classify Covid-19 as a disease which is "socially critical."

Over the past few months, the government has been gradually scaling back mask requirements and other restrictions.

Nightlife was allowed to reopen again at the start of the month, following a year and a half of closures, though initially, people had to show their vaccination, recovery or test status.

This requirement has also been lifted for bars, gyms and other activities.

High vaccination rate

Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said the relaxation was possible thanks to the high number of people who have been vaccinated, in comments at the end of August.

So far, more than 83% of Danes above the age of 12 have been fully vaccinated.

However, for those entering the country from abroad, some restrictions still apply, with tests required depending on the country or region of origin.

Denmark lifts remaining Covid-19 restrictions