Thursday. 07.12.2023

Danish authorities said on Thursday that seven people have been remanded into pretrial custody on suspicion of planning one or more terrorist attacks.

The suspects were detained during a large anti-terror operation over the weekend and are accused of acquiring "ingredients and components for the manufacture of explosives as well as weapons" or being accomplices, the PET security service said.

A further six people were to face remand hearings later on Thursday in related cases.

At the weekend, Danish police were sighted at a location in the town of Holbaek, west of Copenhagen.

Another suspect has been arrested in Germany, the PET said in a statement.

"Unfortunately, the case shows that the terrorist threat against Denmark remains serious," Danish Justice Minister Nick Haekkerup said on Twitter.

He also thanked German authorities for cooperating with the PET.

Arrests in Germany

Police in Germany told earlier that three brothers from Syria had been arrested in Germany and Denmark at the weekend on suspicion of having jointly prepared an explosives attack.

A PET spokeswoman had no further comment when contacted.

The PET said the investigation was ongoing and closed door remand hearings were pending.

Denmark arrests seven on suspicion of planning terror attacks