Monday. 04.12.2023

Danish inventor and convicted murderer Peter Madsen was sentenced on Tuesday for threatening prison staff during a failed attempt to escape a prison where he was serving a life sentence.

Madsen was handed a sentence of one year and nine months for the events related to his October 20 flight, including holding a prison psychologist hostage, and threatening other prison staff and police officers.

Madsen, 50, was captured about five minutes after he fled from the prison, west of Copenhagen.

At the time of his arrest, he was wearing what looked like a bomb belt, and also had a fake pistol that he made in the prison workshop.

Madsen accepted the ruling, a Glostrup district court spokeswoman told reporters.

Since Madsen had admitted to the charges and chain of events, there had not been need to summon witnesses. Other evidence was presented at the court.

Swedish journalist murdered

He started to plan his escape in March 2019. This was fuelled by his fears that conditions for life-prisoners would worsen.

In 2018, Madsen was convicted of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall on his submarine in August 2017. Madsen has denied murdering Wall, but has admitted to dismembering her body and dumping it at sea. He said Wall had died due to an accident.

Madsen's conviction for the attempted escape could reduce his chances of earlier release or furlough, according to legal experts.

In Denmark, prisoners sentenced to life are on average released after 16 to 17 years, but can apply for probation earliest after 12 years.

Danish submarine murderer sentenced for prison break attempt