Tuesday. 25.06.2024

Danish police said on Tuesday that they had captured inventor and convicted murderer Peter Madsen shortly after he managed to escape from the prison where he was serving a life sentence.

In 2018, the 49-year-old was convicted of murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall on his submarine in August 2017.

The escapee was captured about 500 metres from the prison, located in western Copenhagen.

A standoff ensued during which armed police kept him under close surveillance while he was seen leaning against a fence. Explosive experts and canine patrols were also deployed.

Neither the police nor the Danish Prison and Probation Service have offered any details on the escape. Police said a press conference was to take place later in the day.

Tabloids Ekstra Bladet and BT reported that Madsen had been able to escape by threatening to detonate a device and brandishing a pistol-like item.

A witness said the escapee appeared to be wearing what looked like a bomb belt strapped around his waist.


That information could explain why explosives experts were summoned.

Police also parked a city bus at the scene in order to block the view for bystanders and reporters.

Madsen has denied murdering Wall, but has admitted to dismembering her body and dumping it at sea. He said Wall had died due to an accident.

Wall, 30, had planned to write an article on Madsen, his submarine, his experiments with rockets and his rivalry with another group of Danish researchers.

Wall was last seen on the evening of August 10, 2017, on an amateur-built submarine belonging to Madsen as it left Copenhagen harbour. Her decapitated torso and other body parts were subsequently found in the Bay of Koge, near Copenhagen.

Danish submarine murderer captured after prison break