Friday. 14.06.2024

A Danish citizen has been sentenced to death in Nigeria after being convicted of murdering his wife and their three-year-old daughter.

A court in Lagos found the prosecutor had presented enough evidence to convict the man.

He was sentenced to be hanged.

Post-mortem examinations of the wife and child's bodies, DNA evidence and witness testimony were used to prove the Dane was behind the murders, broadcaster TVC News reported.

There was also testimony that the Dane committed domestic violence against his wife before the crime.

The murders took place on 5 April 2018 in the couple's home in the wealthy Banana Island neighbourhood of Lagos.

Killed by suffocation

It is believed that the man suffocated his wife and daughter in a violent attack.

The accused denied he committed the murders when court proceedings began in June 2018.

The case generated much public interest, especially from women's rights groups.

Death by hanging is the main penalty for murder in Nigeria, a west African country of 212 million people.

Danish man sentenced to death in Nigeria for killing wife