Monday. 04.03.2024

Six customers and 25 employees of IKEA had to spend the night on beds and sofas at the furniture shop due to a heavy snowfall in Denmark on Wednesday evening, according to public broadcaster DR.

Pictures showed the stranded people sitting together with beer, coffee and cinnamon rolls, while watching football in the region of Northern Jutland, around the city of Aalborg.

"Everyone was just so sweet, and we actually just laughed at the situation because we probably will not experience it again," Michelle Barrett, a customer, told DR on Thursday morning.

Large parts of Denmark, including the capital Copenhagen, have been affected by traffic problems, train issues and temporary power cuts due to the snowstorm.

At the Aalborg Airport, around 300 people had to patiently wait overnight because of the snowstorm.

Problems in the islands

Elsewhere in the country there were also problems during the night. On the Storebaelt Bridge, between the islands of Funen and Zealand, the tarpaulin of a lorry loaded with parcels tore open due to the storm, pictures from broadcaster TV2 showed.

"The trailer was hanging over the water. I believe that some Christmas presents landed in the water," a police spokesman told TV2.

There were no casualties.

Customers forced to spend night at IKEA due to snowfall in Denmark