Tuesday 10/26/21

Biology professor fined for anti-gay remarks in interview

Speaking of same-sex marriage, he linked such marriages to child abuse.

A German court has imposed a fine for libel on a biology professor for linking homosexual relationships to child abuse during an interview with a Catholic internet portal.

The court ruled on Monday that the remarks made by Ulrich Kutschera, 65, were not covered by academic freedom, as he had spoken during a 2017 interview and not during a lecture.

"It depends on the context," the court in the city of Kassel found in imposing a fine of 6,000 euros (7,000 dollars).

Speaking on the theme of same-sex marriage - known in Germany as "marriage for all" - the professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Kassel linked such marriages to child abuse.

Legal action was brought against Kutschera by a number of people. During the trial, Kutschera stood by his statements, saying they had been misunderstood and taken out of context.

His lawyer said the professor's main concern was psychological problems in children from same-sex marriages.