Tuesday. 27.02.2024

The last major transport link between Russia and the EU was shut down at the weekend, as Finnish rail company VR said it is ending its St Petersburg-Helsinki route.

The 400-kilometre Allegro line was one of the last main ways to travel from Russia to EU territory after both sides blocked their airspace to the other following Russia's invasion of Ukraine last month.

The last train heading to Finland departed on Sunday. The Finnish railway operator VR says that anyone willing to leave Russia for Finland has had adequate time to do so.

VR noted that it had kept the trains running over the last few weeks, at the request of authorities who wanted to make sure any Finns in Russia would be able to get home.

In early March, VR noted that it had added extra train services due to high demand, citing Russians seeking a way out of their country.

Allegro rail line linking St Petersburg and Helsinki shut down