Thursday 10/28/21

Where can residents of Finland travel?

Finland's residents can go to many European countries; however, Norway and Denmark have been closed so far for them.

Although the Finnish authorities do not recommend holidays abroad, several countries already welcome people from Finland. For example, last week the Baltic countries and Italy have opened their borders to Finnish tourists.

Finns can also travel Bulgaria, Slovenia, Albania, Serbia and mainland Portugal.

In Greece, those coming from Finland are still required to have Covid-19 testing and subsequent quarantine, but the requirement will be lifted by mid-June. According to Helsingin Sanomat, Finns have already started to show interest in trips to Greece.

Booked in advance

You can go on holiday to Croatia if you stay in commercial or self-owned accommodation. Authorities want proof of the reason for the trip, such as an accommodation reservation or a contract to rent a sailboat. Also, at least the Netherlands and Slovenia require an accommodation to be booked in advance.

Of the Nordic countries, only Sweden currently accepts Finnish tourists without quarantine. Norway and Denmark have so far been closed to Finns. Denmark allows transit traffic, but according to Danish newspaper Berlingske, requires a certificate of reservation in the country of destination. Norway intends to announce a possible change in mid-June.

The Spanish authorities have announced that tourism will be allowed in early July, and in Turkey, this will be considered “during the summer.”

United States still closed

Of the non-European tourist countries, the epidemic has plagued the United States and Russia in particular. Russia's borders have been closed and the United States has banned the entry of people from the Schengen area for an indefinite period.

Some countries, on the other hand, let Finns cross the border but require two weeks of quarantine. These include Britain, where the quarantine obligation will take effect on Monday, and Iceland.

If you go abroad in spite of everything, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will ask you to make a travel declaration. After returning to Finland, you should be in voluntary self-isolation for two weeks.