Thursday. 09.02.2023

'Unique opportunity' to visit empty Acropolis during pandemic

The monument reopened on 1 July but has been unusually empty.
The Acropolis. Photo: Pixabay.

The Acropolis in Athens has been unusually empty due to the coronavirus pandemic, creating a "unique opportunity" to enjoy the ancient ruins, museum director Dimitris Pandermalis said on Thursday.

The museum reopened its doors on 1 July and has welcomed only 8,000 visitors since then, compared to the 6,000 who came to see the Acropolis on July 1 of last year alone.

"Visitors get the impression of having returned to Ancient Greece and can look at the exhibits in peace," Pandermalis told local broadcaster Skai.

The Parthenon, one of the most famous remaining temples of Ancient Greece, is part of the Acropolis Museum.

The museum also exhibits original parts and replicas of the renowned friezes, also known as the Elgin Marbles, which decorated the temple until British ambassador to the former Ottoman Empire Lord Elgin took the best preserved parts to Britain in the 19th century.

Currently, 56 of its 96 sections are on display at the British Museum in London; Greece has for decades been demanding their return.

'Unique opportunity' to visit empty Acropolis during pandemic