Saturday. 20.04.2024

There are many options when it comes to museums in Finland's capital, but the most recent cultural attraction is Amos Rex. Located in the city centre, this is the most recent addition to Helsinki’s rich cultural life and the new home of the Amos Anderson Art Museum.

Located in the heart of the city, in Lasipalatsi (Kamppi), this private art museum is an exciting and dynamic place to explore for everyone interested in contemporary art, 20th century Modernism or Ancient Cultures.

Amos Rex

Inside Amos Rex. Photo by: Barbara Stojanovic.

Taking into account the particularly interesting architecture, the exhibitions layouts, location and topics displayed it has great appeal. Not only for people who are alone, friends hanging out or couples on a date, but also for families with kids as the museum has an art workshop specially designed for children.

Opened in August 2018, it has the exhibit areas, which are underground; an event forum outside, on the recently renovated Lasipalatsi Square, just above the exhibition hall; and a cinema, Bio Rex, that is available to rent for different types of events.

Magnus Enckell Amos Rex exhibition 2

The artist's studio in Kilo, by Magnus Enckell. Photo by Barbara Stojanovic.

Visitors should be aware that due to its popularity the waiting time for entering the museum can be an average of 45 minutes to an hour. On the morning of this Sunday, the first of the so-called Finnish winter holidays, the wait to enter the premises was more than one hour.

However, patience will be rewarded once inside. The museum has a varied program with several, exciting and different exhibits planned for this year, with two being currently on display:

The Frosterus collection

Frosterus Amos Rex exhibition

Photo by Barbara Stojanovic

This exhibition has been in the Amos Anderson Art Museum care for the past 25 years.

It is a post-impressionist work by Finnish artist Sigurd Frosterus, who was also an architect, art collector and critic, most famous for designing the Stockmann department store in 1930. 

Magritte - Life Line

Magritte exhibition Amos Rex 1

Photo by Barbara Stojanovic.

This one is the most appealing and draws the biggest crowds to the museum, as it is the first time that the work of the Belgian surrealist’s artist is being shown in Finland.

This is a collection focusing more on the artist himself, at different stages of his career, giving the visitor a thorough perspective on the vast work done by René Magritte, in a career that started in 1918 and ended with his death in 1967. 

Regarded as one the most important figures in the Surrealism movement, with a dreamlike and illusionist nature, his work stands out for giving ordinary scenarios and objects, thought-provoking and humorous twists, defying ones preconceived notion of reality. 

Magritte exhibition Amos Rex 2

René Magritte: La Lampe Philosophique. Photo by Barbara Stojanovic.

This approach was also the artist’s attempt to understand for himself “the mystery of the world”, in his own words, questioning the most basic elements of the human existence, through his art.

Since Magritte was a film aficionado there is also an additional program, other than his paintings, that can be seen at the Bio Rex movie theatre. The exhibit premiered on February 8th and it will be on display until May 19th.

Magritte exhibition Amos Rex 3René Magritte: Ceci n'est pas une pipe. Photo by Barbara Stojanovic.

Magritte exhibition Amos Rex 4René Magritte: La Chambre d'ecoute. Photo by Barbara Stojanovic.

Queues over an hour to enjoy Magritte's genius in Amos Rex museum