Thursday. 28.09.2023

Polar nights, a phenomenon known in Finland as Kaamos and characterized by the fact that the sun does not rise above the horizon line, has already begun in the Finnish north end.

In the Lappish village of Nuorgam, belonging to the municipality of Utsjoki, the northernmost town of the country, as of November 25, darkness has taken over the world. Its inhabitants will not see again the sun light until next year. According to Foreca, the Finnish weather forecasting company, the polar night will end there on 17 January, 2020.

A little further south, still beyond the polar circle, in Kilpisjärvi (in the Finland´s northern 'arm'), Kaamos will begin on December 1 and will run until 11 January. 

In the village of Ivalo (located in Lapland on the Ivalo River and close to the Arctic resort area of Saariselkä and the lake Inari)  the sun will set on 4 December and will not rise again until 8 January.

Much further west, near the northern Swedish border, is the municipality of Muonio. In this village with just 2,300 inhabitants the Polar night will take over on 10 December and last until 2 January. 

In Sodankylä, which is one of the main municipalities located on the road which connects Rovaniemi and the extreme north end of the country, the Kaamos will be limited this year to the four days before Christmas Eve. The darkness will take over the life of the natives on December 20 and will last four days, exactly until December 24, according to Foreca's predictions.

The sun will not rise in the extreme north of Finland until 17 January