Monday 1/17/22

Interactive map: requirements for travel to Spain country by country

Check the interactive map created by the government of Spain to know the entry requirements and the health measures to apply during your stay, depending on your country of origin
26 November 2021, Hessen, Frankfurt_Main: Passengers wait at Frankfurt Airport. German authorities announced restrictions on flights to South Africa on Friday, amid fears of a new virus variant there, even as they work to shore up its health care network amid a pandemic virus wave already infecting tens of thousands new people every day. Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa.
Passengers wait at Frankfurt Airport. Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa.

Planning a trip has become more complicated than a few years ago due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the entry restrictions imposed by the countries and the security measures that must be maintained to comply with health requirements.

If you are preparing for travel to Spain and you have doubts about the entry requirements that apply to your country of residence, you can consult the interactive map that the Spanish authorities have drawn up.

The map has been published by Spain's official tourism website. You can click on your country (or select it from a list) and the system will inform you of the requirements to enter Spain and the general health measures in force, such as the use of facial masks.

It is also possible to access a map of the different regions of Spain and check the restrictions imposed by regional governments (autonomous communities) in their territories.

On the web you can also find useful information about the measures in force and about the European Covid health passport, which some regional governments require to allow access to restaurants, nightclubs and entertainment venues.

You can access the official Travel Safe map to check the entry requirements and recommendations that apply to your country by clicking HERE