Tuesday. 27.02.2024

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has opened the period to apply for aid from the Spain Tourism Experiences program (Experiencias Turismo España, in Spanish), which is financed in its first call with 26 million euros from the Next Generation EU recovery funds.

Applications may be submitted until 15 March, according to a government press release.

With a total budget of 100 million euros until 2023, this initiative aims to increase and improve the experiences that make up Spain's tourist offer.

The program intends to promote "innovative and experience-transforming initiatives" at a national level or that are developed in at least three Spanish regions (autonomous communities), in order to facilitate their promotion in international markets.

Of the first amount of 26 million euros, five million will be reserved for projects related to the Jacobean Year 2021-2022 (Año Xacobeo, in Spanish), which promotes the pilgrimage to the city Santiago de Compostela (in Galicia, northwest of Spain).

The maximum amount permitted for each grant will be 2 million euros, and the minimum 200,000 euros.

According to the regulatory bases of the call, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on 11 January, these grants are aimed at tourism companies or SMEs, associations, foundations, economic interest groups and public entities that participate in the field of tourism cooperation.

Three types of projects

The projects submitted to the call must fit into one of the following three lines:

  1. Innova: Its objectives are to promote and strengthen the networks of actors and create narratives about inspiring experiences that build stories at the country level; improve resources; promote the improvement of tourism sustainability and deepen the digital transformation of the Spain Tourism Experiences processes.
  2. Integra: It aims to promote that the tourist experience incorporates in its design, in a standardized way and adapted to the different realities, the local productive context close to the destinations through the dynamics of the circular economy; local communities and the diversity of profiles and segments in the design of experiences.
  3. Comunica: Seeks to improve the communication of Spain Tourism Experiences and turn them into one of the pillars of the foreign promotion of the country. Areas related to security and resilience will receive special attention.

Applications will be submitted in the electronic register of the Ministry, which can be accessed through the link HERE

For the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, "the Spain Tourism Experiences Program will improve the experiential offer that Spain makes available to its visitors and attract quality tourism."

Grants of the 'Spain Tourism Experiences' program can now be requested