Tuesday. 28.05.2024

The total expenditure made by international tourists who visit Spain is growing compared to a year ago, but has not yet recovered to the pre-pandemic level.

According to the Tourist Expenditure Survey produced by the Spanish National Institute of Statistics (INE), the total expenditure made by international tourists in January was 3.02 billion euros, which represents an increase of 561.7% year-on-year.

In January, Spain recorded 6 million overnight stays by foreign tourists in Spanish hotel establishments, 328.4% more than a year before.

According to the INE, the average expenditure per tourist in January stood at 1,217 euros, with an annual increase of 16.5%.  55.6% of total spending in January was made by those who stayed in hotel accommodation, with an annual increase of 573.0%.

The average daily expenditure per traveler grew by 16.7%, to 124 euros. And the average duration of international tourist trips is 9.9 days, the same as in January 2021.

Main source markets

The main source markets in terms of spending in January are the United Kingdom (with 14.9% of the total), Germany (13.1%) and the set of Nordic countries –Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden– (9 .6%).

The expenditure of tourists residing in the United Kingdom increased by 1,558.5% in the annual rate, that of those from Germany by 578.1% and that of the Nordic countries by 896.2%.

The main destination regions also in terms of tourist spending in January were the Canary Islands (with 37.3% of the total), Catalonia (14.4%) and the Community of Madrid (12.7%).

Foreign tourists spend on average 1,217 euros in 10 days in Spain