Tuesday. 27.02.2024

Finland will bring forward the launch of the European Certificate of Digital Vaccination by 10 days.

"Finland’s digital Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be updated and made interoperable with the European Union's digital Covid-19 certificate as of 22 June," say the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and THL in a joint press release.

Until now, the European certificate was scheduled to be launched from 1 July.

"This means that the EU digital Covid-19 certificate will be available to people in the My Kanta Pages starting on 22 June," say the Finnish authorities.

According to the Ministry, the national Covid-19 vaccination certificate will automatically be replaced by the EU digital certificate in the My Kanta Pages. A national Covid-19 vaccination certificate stored on a mobile phone or printed out from the My Kanta Pages, for example, should also be replaced by the EU green certificate, which is more widely recognised by the EU Member States.

Currently, over 90% of the vaccinated population can be issued with a digital vaccination certificate. However, some people may have to wait a while before they can view their own, as delays in data transfer to the My Kanta Pages continue to exist in certain areas in June.

In future, the certificate will be available in the My Kanta Pages within five days of vaccination.

The aim is that the other EU Covid-19 certificates — for example, a certificate of a negative test and a certificate of recovery from the disease — will also be available in the My Kanta Pages as of 14 July.

All these certificate types will be free for people, and they will available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Also in health centers

People who don't use the My Kanta Pages, can ask their healthcare provider to issue a similar certificate of vaccination for traveling purposes.

"In July, a national printing and registering service will be introduced for healthcare professionals. This will ensure that the EU certificate will also be available to those who do not use the My Kanta Pages," the Ministry adds.

Finland will update its national certificate to the EU's document earlier than planned in order to facilitate safe and free movement.

The certificate can be used when crossing borders within the EU.

APP for scanning certificates

The content and accuracy of the EU Covid-19 certificate can be checked using a digital scanning app.

In Finland, the scanning app will be available as of 1 July, and it can be used by health authorities, border authorities and executive assistance authorities, such as the police and the Defence Forces.

The COVID-19 certificates can be checked in three different stages:

  1. In the country of origin in respect of people traveling to Finland. In this case, transport operators may, if they so wish and based on an agreement, require a certificate from travelers.
  2. Upon arrival in Finland. In this case, health authorities and executive assistance authorities are responsible for checking certificates under the Communicable Diseases Act.
  3. Upon departure from Finland. In this case, transport operators may have to check certificates if the countries of destination so require on the basis of an agreement.

EU vaccination passport will be available in Finland as of 22 June