Tuesday. 27.02.2024

From today, Finnish residents who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus can now download the certificate common to all countries of the EU, which will allow travel within the block.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the EU Covid-19 vaccination certificate is now available in the My Kanta Pages.

The two other European certificates, the test certificate and the certificate of recovery, will be available as of 14 July.

The EU Covid-19 vaccination certificate, also known as 'green certificate' or 'vaccination passport', contains information about the vaccines the certificate holder has received. It consists of a QR code and includes, for example, the vaccine name, the date of administering the most recent dose and the number of doses received.

People can get a certificate after receiving the first vaccine dose.

How to get the certificate:

  1. Log on to your My Kanta Pages at kanta.fi using the identification token of your choice, such as online banking codes or mobile certificate.
  2. Select ‘Koronatodistus’ (COVID-19 certificate) from the left-hand menu. There is also a link to the certificate section on the front page of the My Kanta Pages.
  3. To get your certificate click on the link 'Avaa rokotustodistus (pdf)' (Open vaccination certificate). If you have a vaccination certificate, it will open in a new tab in pdf format.
  4. Save the pdf file on your mobile phone or take a screenshot. In this way you will have the certificate ready when you need it. 

Vaccination certificates can be shown on mobile devices or can also be printed. The information in the EU Covid-19 vaccination certificate is in three languages, Finnish, Swedish and English.

The certificate is free of charge.

Finland’s national Covid-19 vaccination certificate can no longer be used. People should get the European document instead. In the My Kanta Pages, the EU Covid-19 vaccination certificate will automatically replace the national certificate.

Most certificates already available

According to Finnish health authorities, more than 92% of those who have received at least one vaccine dose can now get their certificate in the My Kanta Pages.

There is still some regional variation in the transfer process, and some vaccinated persons may have to wait awhile for their certificate.

People who do not use the My Kanta pages can ask their healthcare provider to give them a similar certificate of Covid-19 vaccination.

Certificate validator app to be introduced on 1 July.

EU Covid-19 vaccination certificate now available in Finland