Tuesday. 20.02.2024

People travelling to Britain from the European Union will have to show their passports in future, as the rules change following Britain's departure from the EU.

Identity cards, sufficient in the past, will no longer be accepted according to the change of regulations applicable as of Friday.

This marks the end of a transitional period since Britain's departure from the bloc, also dubbed Brexit.

In future, only EU citizens who reside in Britain will still be allowed to enter the country using their identity card.

This could also lead to complications, however, as those with what is known as settled status may struggle to demonstrate proof of their right to residence as this is documented by a Home Office portal online.

Civil rights groups such as The3Million have long demanded people be issued physical proof of their right to reside in Britain, such as a paper card or printable document.

EU citizens will need passport to enter Britain as rules change