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Mallorca is basically known as a sun-and-beach destination, but actually this Spanish island has more touristic attractions. Many of them are located in the mountain range, called Serra de Tramuntana.

Serra de Tramuntana is listed as a World Heritage Site by Unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Unesco put in value the “Mediterranean agricultural landscape”, with the system of terraces, a common sight of this area.

In addition to the landscape, there are several little towns to visit in Serra de Tramuntana.

Lluc is the classic point where everybody goes to when there is snow in the mountains. There is a parking that allows the entry of many cars, but anyway large cues are usually formed during the busiest and coldest days.

Actually, Lluc is mainly a religious destination, but it has also some restaurants and cafés for the visitors. The monastery is the main sight, as well as the path just behind there that leads to the big cross that can be seen from the town. Moreover, in Lluc there is a well-known chorus called ‘Blauets’, with their own school and residence, which may be heard when visiting this place.

Visitors who have come to Lluc on a snowy day. Photo: Pablo Morilla.
Visitors who have come to Lluc on a snowy day. Photo: Pablo Morilla.

A 'miracle'

During summer, people from all around Mallorca walk to Lluc as a part of a popular event, held every year during the first Saturday of August. People leave Palma (Mallorca’s capital) at 23:00 to go on a 50 kilometres walk. The roots of this tradition are religious and started during the 1970s when a 'miracle' happened in bar Güell (Palma). Another hiking event is usually organized in September.

Also one of the most popular destinations in this mountain range is Valldemossa. It was the town where the composer Frédéric Chopin lived in the 19th century. Nowadays, still famous personalities like Hollywood actor Michael Douglas have a house in this municipality.

Cartuja de Valldemossa. Photo: Pablo Morilla.
Cartuja de Valldemossa. Photo: Pablo Morilla.

Only 30 minutes away from Palma, Valldemossa has the typical architecture that can be found in many towns of this area. There are several places to visit, like the Valldemossa Charterhouse, Frédéric Chopin and George Sand Museum or King Juan Carlos Garden.

After a stroll in Valldemossa, it is typical to taste coca de patata (potato cake), a local delicacy served in many bars and bakeries in the town.

The best views in the area

On the other side of the mountains of Valldemossa, Deià emerges between the peaks of Serra de Tramuntana and the sea. This combination offers some of the best views in this zone.

The famous writer Robert Graves chose Deià as his home. His footprints and legacy are the main cultural attraction of this town. The house where he lived can be visited, as well as the graveyard where he was buried.

Another popular destination in the mountains is Sóller. This town is located in a valley surrounded by the highest mountains in Mallorca, including Puig Major (1,445 meters).

An old train departing from Palma brings visitors to the valley. Anyone next to the windows will have the chance to admire the landscape of the mountains. After arriving to Sóller, the tram will bring travellers to the port, only a few minutes away from downtown.

Besides a walk in Sóller and Port de Sóller, it is worth to discover the main sights of the municipality, like Can Prunera’s museum or the botanic garden. From the port it is also possible to take a boat to Sa Calobra and visit the river of Torrent de Pareis.

General view of a mountain in the Serra de Tramuntana. Photo: Pablo Morilla.
General view of a mountain in the Serra de Tramuntana. Photo: Pablo Morilla.

One of the most beautiful villages

A few minutes away from Sóller by car, a village appears between the mountains. Fornalutx exemplifies the kind of town that can be seen in Serra de Tramuntana: narrow streets and many ups and downs.

Fornalutx was designated as one of the most beautiful villages in the whole country by the association ‘The most beautiful towns in Spain’. The representatives of the association remarked that it is “a quiet locality (…) perfect to have some days off and disconnection.”

*Pablo Morilla is a journalist, author of the blog Michan en Finlandia

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