Tuesday. 28.11.2023

The Norwegian ski federation is to further appeal the disqualification of Johannes Klaebo in Sunday's 50-kilometre cross-country race which concluded the Nordic skiing world championships in Oberstdorf.

"We fundamentally do not agree with the decision because we do not see that he has done something reprehensible," the federation's cross-country chief Espen Bjervig told broadcaster NRK on Tuesday.

Klaebo raced side-by-side with Russian Alexander Bolshunov on the home straight, and Bolshunov's ski pole broke as both made contact on the outside of the course.

Iversen passed Bolshunov

The Norwegian crossed the line first and compatriot Emil Iversen also passed Bolshunov who stood no chance with one pole and burst into tears after finishing third, though Klaebo's disqualification saw him promoted to second.

Norway had an immediate protest to the jury decision disqualifying Klaebo turned down at the German resort but, believing it was a racing incident, will try again.

Norway to appeal Klaebo's disqualification at Nordic worlds