Tuesday. 28.11.2023

The Norwegian ski federation has withdrawn its appeal against the disqualification of Johannes Klaebo in Sunday's 50-kilometre cross-country race which concluded the Nordic skiing world championships at the wish of the skier.

"I don't want to be known as a finicky skier," broadcaster NRK quoted the 24-year-old Klaebo as saying on Wednesday.

"I consider it wrong to continue with this process. I want to think positively and leave it behind me."

Klaebo raced side-by-side with Russian Alexander Bolshunov on the home straight in the concluding race of the worlds in Germany's Oberstdorf, and Bolshunov's ski pole broke as both made contact on the outside of the course.

The Norwegian crossed the line first and compatriot Emil Iversen also passed Bolshunov who stood no chance with one pole and burst into tears after finishing third, though Klaebo's disqualification saw him promoted to second.

Norway had an immediate protest to the jury decision disqualifying Klaebo turned down and on Tuesday declared they would appeal further - before being stopped by Klaebo himself.

Klaebo stops appeal of cross-country disqualification at Nordic worlds