Saturday. 20.04.2024

The Spanish judiciary has still not given a date for the decision over Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez's appeal against his possible imprisonment, a spokesman for the court administration said on Friday.

Information on a possible date would not be available until next Tuesday at the earliest.

If the court does not reach a decision in time, the player would have to start a six-month prison term next Thursday at the latest.

France World Cup winner Hernandez appeared in court in Madrid on Monday and faces a possible six-month prison sentence for breaching a restraining order unless he wins his appeal.

Spanish restraining orders were imposed on Hernandez and his girlfriend after a violent argument in 2017 while he played for Atletico Madrid.


They were then caught returning to Spain together after getting married.

In Hernandez's case this was deemed a violation of the restraining order while his now wife reportedly will go unpunished because the original ruling had not yet been sent to her.

In Spain, restraining orders remain in place even in case of reconciliation because this prevents any kind of forced reconciliation.

No date for court decision on possible arrest of Bayern's Hernandez