Wednesday 12/8/21

VIDEO: This is how passengers of Moroccan plane fled in Mallorca

Vox says that the video images prove that what happened at the Palma de Mallorca airport was the result of an organized plan
Still from the video published by Vox about what happened inside the plane after landing in Palma de Mallorca. Image: Jorge Campos Asensi.
Still from the video released by Vox about what happened inside the plane after landing in Palma de Mallorca. Image: Twitter/Jorge Campos Asensi.

The Palma de Mallorca airport experienced a night of chaos on Friday after an Air Arabia Maroc plane made an unscheduled landing so that an allegedly ill passenger could be treated. What appeared to be a medical emergency turned out to be a hoax and was used by a group of more than 20 people to leave the aircraft, invade the runway and flee, entering the country illegally.

The far-right party Vox released a video on Saturday in which the passengers of the plane are allegedly seen escaping and running along the runways of the Son Sant Joan airport. With the publication of the video, made in Twitter by the president of Vox in the Balearic Islands, Jorge Campos Asensi, the party intends to show that what happened was not improvised but an organized plan to sneak into the country.

In his tweet, Campos Asensi says that the video "proves" that the landing of the plane was "organized" and calls for the resignation of the Delegate of the Government in the Balearic Islands, Aina Calvo.

Calvo said on Saturday that she believed that what happened was the result of improvisation by some passengers after landing. She said there was no evidence of an "orchestrated operation" after discussing the issue with the Police and Civil Guard chiefs.

Vox regrets that the fugitives have been able to evade the security forces and enter the country in this way with a level 4 anti-terrorist alert in force.

Flights cancelled, diverted

The passenger who pretended to be in a diabetic coma turned out to be fine once medical help arrived. Later he tried to escape from the hospital, according to local media reports.

Due to the fake emergency, 13 flights were diverted, mainly to Barcelona and Ibiza, but also to Menorca, Madrid and Valencia. In addition, 47 flights to or from Mallorca were canceled, according to the Spanish airport operator Aena.