Thursday. 23.05.2024

Two young people aged 21 and 22 have been injured with knives after being involved in a fight in a leisure area in Madrid.

The events took place around 6:00 am on Thursday on Agustin de Foxa street, in a leisure area near the Chamartin railway station.

Both youngsters remain hospitalized in La Paz, according to reports from the Madrid Emergency Service.

The 22-year-old had a wound in the lower abdominal area. The emergency services transferred him with prior notice to the Madrid hospital in La Paz and he is admitted with a cautious prognosis.

The other injured young man, aged 21, had a wound in the pubic area and the forecast is mild.

The Spanish police are investigating what happened. According to police sources, the investigators are inclined a priori to rule out that the injuries were caused by a fight between rival street gangs.

Two young people with knife wounds after fight in Madrid leisure area