Saturday. 20.04.2024

Spain intends to reopen "in a few days" its embassy in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said in a television interview on Monday.

"Spain is with Ukraine and we stand against Putin," Prime Minister Sanchez said bluntly in Antena 3.

"In a few days we are going to reopen the Spanish embassy in Kiev as a sign, once again, of the commitment of the Government of Spain, of Spanish society with the Ukrainian people," the head of the government emphasized.

His announcement coincides with that made by other European nations. France, Italy, Belgium, among others, have already announced their intention to reopen their diplomatic missions in the Ukrainian capital.

Sanchez emphasized the need for unity in action in the face of the conflict in Ukraine, because "any element of division weakens" us all. In that sense, the Spanish prime minister insisted that the war now shaking Eastern Europe "is not between Russia and Ukraine, but between Vladimir Putin and the values that the European Union represents."

The prime minister's announcement was later confirmed by Defense Minister Margarita Robles, who explained that the embassy will be reopened as soon as the government is in a position to guarantee security.


Spain closed its embassy in Kiev and evacuated its diplomatic personnel on the morning of 25 February, in view of the advance of Russian troops on the Ukrainian capital.

Together with the Spanish diplomatic personnel, a hundred Spaniards left Kiev in a caravan bound for Poland, from there to return to Spain.

Sánchez stressed that the reopening of the diplomatic mission at this time is proof of Spain's commitment to the Ukrainian people.

Spain to reopen its embassy in Kiev "in a few days"