Friday. 14.06.2024

The Spanish Executive condemns Russia's aggression against Ukraine and stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian Government and people.

This is stated in a statement issued early in the morning by the government headed by Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (social democrat, PSOE).

Prime Minister Sanchez is in contact with EU and NATO partners and allies to "coordinate a response to the serious situation."

For the Spanish government, the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine represent "a completely unjustified aggression, of unprecedented gravity, and a flagrant violation of international law that puts global security and stability at risk."

"We demand the immediate cessation of hostilities before the number of victims multiplies, as well as the return of troops to the internationally recognized territory of the Russian Federation," the statement read.

National Security Council

The Spanish National Security Council will meet on Thursday at the Palacio de la Zarzuela, at 12:00, under the presidency of King Felipe VI. Both the King and the Prime Minister have canceled the previous scheduled official events, given the seriousness of the situation.

"In these difficult hours, we also want to reiterate our support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, as well as show our full support and solidarity with the Ukrainian people," the government says.

The Spanish government says it is coordinating with European Union partners and NATO allies for a response "adapted to the seriousness of the Russian Federation's illegal action."

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will attend the extraordinary European Council called urgently to establish the EU's response to what Spain calls "intolerable military invasion."

Spain strongly condemns Russian "intolerable invasion" of Ukraine