Tuesday. 28.05.2024

A new lava flow on the Spanish volcanic island of La Palma is threatening La Laguna, a village that had so far escaped unharmed during recent weeks of volcanic activity.

The up-to-1,300-degree-Celsius hot liquid rock is escaping from a new vent and is still 1.5 kilometres away from the edge of the village, state broadcaster RTVE reported on Tuesday.

However, the speed with which the lava is rolling towards the sea has slowed down somewhat and the direction could still change.

The approximately 1,200 inhabitants of La Laguna were evacuated in October.

The Atlantic island off the west coast of Africa has again been shaken by more than 100 light to moderate earthquakes in the past few hours. The most violent had a magnitude of 5.0 and was felt throughout the island.

1,115 hectares covered with lava

Since the volcano first erupted on 19 September, the lava has destroyed or damaged 2,748 buildings, according to new data.

According to the latest figures, a total of 1,115 hectares have been covered by a metre-thick layer of lava. This area is equivalent to more than 1,500 football fields.

More than 7,000 inhabitants had to take refuge since the eruption of the volcano. An end to the eruption is still not in sight.

New lava flow on La Palma threatens previously spared La Laguna town