Thursday. 30.03.2023

Man in Valencia charged €600 to immigrants for municipal registration

He kept them registered in his flats for three years, the time necessary to apply for a residence permit based on roots
17 June 2021, Spain, Fuerteventura: Migrants arrive ashore after the Salvamar Mizar vessel rescued a boat of 56 sub-Saharan migrants, including two babies and possibly a pregnant woman. Photo: Europa Press/EUROPA PRESS/dpa
Sub-Saharan migrants arrive ashore in Fuerteventura last summer. Photo: Europa Press/dpa/File photo.

The Spanish National Police has detected several registrations of illegal immigrants in the municipal register carried out by a resident of the Valencian town of Xirivella in exchange for money. The police have proposed for the suspected offender a fine of up to 100,000 euros.

According to police information, the investigation was led by the Unit Against Illegal Immigration Networks (UCRIF) of the Valencia police. It began after detecting "numerous cases of foreign citizens" in an illegal situation in Spain who, in order to legalize their stay, presented registration certificates that were suspicious to the police, among other documentation.

The police found out that the homes where these people were registered were owned by the same person, a resident of Xirivella.

According to the police, the suspect charged an average of 600 euros to illegal immigrants in exchange for keeping them registered in his flats for three years, the time necessary to request a residence permit based on roots (arraigo, in Spanish).

Therefore, the police have reported the offender to the Government Sub-delegation in Valencia. The suspect faces a possible fine which could amount to 100,000 euros.


The police explained in a statement that the majority of foreigners who are in this situation do not know the language, have no job or financial resources and need to obtain a residence permit as quickly as possible. Some owners of flats or holders of rental contracts take advantage of this situation of vulnerability and try to obtain an economic benefit by registering them at their homes, where they never actually reside.

The National Police reminds that allowing the registration of a foreigner in the municipal register by the owner of a dwelling, when said dwelling does not constitute the foreigner's real domicile, constitutes a very serious violation of the Immigration Law. The fines can range from 10,001 to 100,000 euros.

Man in Valencia charged €600 to immigrants for municipal registration