Monday. 04.03.2024

Cuban dissident leader Yunior Garcia Aguilera has gone to Spain amid growing pressure on him and his opposition protest movement, Spanish media reported on Wednesday, citing the Madrid government.

The prominent playwright landed in Madrid and entered the country on a tourist visa together with his wife, Dayana Prieto, according to the reports.

For now, Garcia Aguilera has only shared a brief update on his Facebook page: "We arrived in Spain, alive, healthy and with our ideas intact."

He expressed thanks to "the many people who have made this journey possible."

The circumstances of his departure from Cuba remain unknown.

On July 11, Cuba's largest mass protests in decades spontaneously erupted, calling for greater freedoms and denouncing mismanagement. There were hundreds of arrests.

House arrest

Shortly before further protests planned against the socialist government, Garcia Aguilera was virtually forced into house arrest on Sunday, according to opposition sources.

Plainclothes police officers prevented him from marching alone with a white rose through the capital Havana, according to a statement by the alliance Plataforma Archipielago.

Photos showed that his window was covered with a Cuban flag.

Leading Cuban dissident arrives in Spain 'with ideas intact'