Thursday. 30.11.2023

Spanish police officers have arrested in the city of Palma (Mallorca) a fugitive woman wanted in Rosenheim (Germany) for killing her father.

According to police information, the woman, who had lived in Mallorca since November 2021, supplied her sick father with painkillers and opiates that gradually and discreetly ended his life during a time she spent caring for him in Germany. 

Due to the victim's age and poor health, none of the other three brothers suspected the possible intent of the death. A few days before the death occurred, the arrested woman had made several bank transfers in which both she and her daughter appeared as beneficiaries, a fact that made her the main suspect.

It was the autopsy that uncovered the true cause of his death, the police said in a press release.

The investigations in Spain began when the Police became aware of the possible presence of a German fugitive wanted for a crime of homicide. The investigation has been supported by the liaison officer of the German Federal Criminal Investigation Office (BKA).

According to the police, in Spain she was registered at a false address. But after several police efforts, the investigators found her in a rental apartment in Palma, where she lived with her daughter and maintained an almost nocturnal life, without any type of legal source of income, which made locating her even more difficult.

Brother involved in the events

The importance of the case for the German authorities motivated the processing of a European Investigation Order in order to register her home.

The German Prosecutor investigating the case and three officials from the Rosenheim Criminal Police traveled to Mallorca to be present at the arrest and search.

The fugitive was arrested in early April and she is currently in custody awaiting return to Germany.

Likewise, the arrest of one of her other siblings for her presumed involvement in the events is not ruled out, the police said.

German woman arrested in Palma for killing sick father with drugs